Dispute Resolution

Our team provide expert advice and representation across all areas of sports dispute resolution.

We represent for parties advising and acting before sports arbitration tribunals and the internal decision-making bodies of international, regional, and national sports federations in all types of sporting disputes, including: disciplinary and ethics, anti-doping, selection and eligibility, sports elections, player status, and contractual.

The firm and it’s staff have acted as advocate judge or expert before the following sporting bodies:
Court of Arbitration for Sport (ordinary and appeal arbitration)
FIFA (Disciplinary Committee, Ethics Committee, Dispute Resolution Chamber, Players’ Status Committee)
– Football Federation Australia Disciplinary an Ethics Committee (National Arbitration Tribunal)
Hong Kong Football Association (Arbitration Tribunal)
Badminton World Federation (Ethics Hearing Panel)
Asian Football Confederation (Disciplinary and Ethics Committee, Appeal Committee, Entry Control Body)
Saudi Arabian Football Federation (Disciplinary and Ethics Committee)
Football Federation South Australia (Disciplinary Committee)

We have also assisted parties in dealing with investigatory bodies which form part of the sports regulatory framework, such as FIFA Transfer Matching System.